Welcome to My Blog!

Jonel Painagan Esto The Praying Lensman

Hello, readers! My name is Jonel and I go by an alias “The Praying Lensman” which is also the name of my blog. “Praying” because I believe in one, almighty, and munificent God. “Lensman” because I capture photos and short videos as a hobby. The plan is merging these two interests into one through this blog.

I am a husband and a father of three and I depend on a job to support my growing Christian family. Thus, I will be blogging about parenting, work life, Christianity, and other topics under the sun.

I speak four tongues including Spanish, Filipino, and Cebuano so you are free to drop a comment on my posts using any of these. I am not a native nor an excellent English speaker so I will be blogging using simple and plain English. I do wish to improve so I welcome and appreciate polite corrections.

Truth is in my veins and will only be blogging with the truth. I despise anything that is fake that sometimes I become aggressive when dealing with them especially when the victim is Christ or his One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

I tend to exhaust all my resources before publishing a post. If you do find anything on my post that you think is not accurate please do not hesitate to contact me immediately so we can work together and correct it to minimize the impact it can cause to the souls of the readers.

I am open to suggestions and new ideas. I would like to hear from you the topics you would be interested in that you want to see in this blog. You can drop a comment on my posts or send me a message via my social media account.

Thank you and let us serve Christ and the Church in all circumstances!

Some posts about by personal life…

Photos: Francel & Camille’s Wedding (During Pandemic)

Photos of my friend’s wedding last June 2020 at a beautiful old church in Morong Rizal.


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