“The Platform” Movie Review – The Praying Lensman


The Platform or “El Hoyo” (meaning the hole) is a Spanish fiction thriller movie released on September 6, 2019. The cast includes Iván Massagué as Goreng, Zorion Eguileor as Trimagasi, Antonia San Juan as Imoguiri, Emilio Buale Coka as Baharat, and a Filipina (in blood) Alexandra Masangkay as Miharu. There is a lot of lessons to learn from this movie but please consider these markers below. I wont let my kids watch this movie until they reach the age of reason.

As a Christian father, I somehow feel obliged to share my own thoughts on some of the movies I watched. This is a review on a Christian perspective and not a review on its effects, plots, casts, etc. So here are some markers in areas I think are important and could be useful for those who are deciding to watch this movie.


Things to remind your kids:

My own review only
  • Cannibalism. Prisoners are forced to eat human flesh for survival
  • Violence. Prisoners take their own lives or kill other prisoners
  • Gluttony/Greed of food. Prisoners in the upper floors are not thinking of other prisoners in the lower floors who depends on the upper floors leftovers
  • Nudity/Sex. Masturbation, sex, naked people (about 2 mins)
  • Blasphemy. Addressing Goreng (the main character) as “Messiah”, using the passages in John 6 to convince him to embrace cannibalism.

Let us serve Christ and the Church in all circumstances!


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