Why I Gave up Netflix for Good!


Reasons why I don’t need Netfix anymore.

  1. Expensive. The standard plan at $15.98 per month offers unlimited access to all contents (with a catch see #5). I can share the access to another person who is willing to split the fees but is a real hassle. The price is expensive for me since I only watch in average one movie per week. And mostly my reason is that I have spent money on it and not because I like Netlix’s contents. And it takes me at least half an hour to find a movie that suits my mood.
  2. Ultra HD plan even more expensive. Basic and Standard plans work OK (but not that good) in small screens only. If I have bigger screens (good thing I don’t have them), I will need to upgrade to a better quality Ultra HD plan at $19.98 per month.
  3. Not enough content. Netflix has around 10,000 movies and TV series in their database. The number looks huge but very few of them (really!) are of my interest especially because I hate watching movies while reading subtitles. There are many non-English programs without English audio.
  4. Search displays ZERO result almost all the time. I search for a movie I want to watch and it’s not in Netflix. 99% of my searches displays zero result and would only give me suggested movies related to my search keywords which I don’t really like.
  5. Some movies not watchable in other countries. I travel across two to three countries in Southeast Asia and I can observe some contents are viewable in one country but not in another.
  6. The things I like can be accessed elsewhere. I love watching health documentaries, films about the planet earth, and some TV series. However, they can all be accessed somewhere else, even for free. And I have already watched most of them so there is no reason to spend money in Netflix and watch the same.
  7. The things our toddlers love can be watched elsewhere. YouTube has it all for our kiddos who loves rhymes and children’s programs. There are other apps too that we can download for free or with a minimal lifetime fee that could satisfy our kid’s viewing needs.
  8. Very few good Christian movies. Of all the 10k movies in Netflix, there may only be less than 100 good Christian movies for the whole family. Because #9…
  9. The majority of contents promotes sin and immorality. I would say around 90% of Netflix’s contents promotes lust, gluttony, greed, laziness, anger, envy, luxury, and pride. Sins that are considered source of all other sins and immorality in the world. The more we watch them the more we believe that they are normal and we lose that awareness of God our soul.
  10. Most “Catholic” movies they have attack the Catholic Church and her teachings. Besides the fact that Catholic movies are rare in Netflix, most of these movies do not actually praise the Catholic Church and her teachings. In the contrary, it criticizes and makes fun of her members and her doctrines.
  11. It’s just not for me. Considering all the first 10 reasons, Netflix is just not for me. As a Christian father of three kids, I need good contents to watch with my whole family.
  12. Not worth it. We only access it once or twice a week, not even consistently. After a year and a half on Netflix my wife and I got tired of the seeing the same contents.

Let us serve Christ and the Church in all circumstances!


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