The Three Types of Faith


The three types or levels of faith are infantile faith, critical faith, and adult faith. Infantile faith is the faith we inherit from our parents. We learned to pray and worship God because our parents taught us to do so. You enter the critical level when you start asking questions about your faith and you are now asking for a reasonable answers. Your faith becomes adult when you fully understand your faith in general and you will be able to explain your faith to others.

For the practicing Catholic eyes, each person is entitled and can work for his salvation regardless of the level of faith he has. For example, an elderly prayerful laywoman who loves the sacraments and does pious practices, has same chance of salvation as the Pope in Rome or any well-known theologian.

I, personally, can say I am in between critical faith and adult faith. Definitely not infantile faith. How about you?

Let us serve Christ in all circumstances!


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