A Seminarian’s Plea for his Folks Impacted by Three Typhoons in Albay


I am Sem. GILBERTO B. BEA, a native of SAN ROQUE, MALILIPOT, ALBAY, the village that was shown and published in different SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS like CNN Philippines, NEWS 5, GMA 7, PTV 4, KAPAMILYA WORLD, INQUIRER, PHIL STAR, RADIO VERITAS LEGAZPI, and other local media platforms.

This is my first time asking your help NOT FOR MYSELF but for the residence of San Roque, Malilipot, Albay. It is very heartbreaking to see your place whom you called HOME gradually disappearing through soil erosion (landslide) caused by three typhoons (Quinta, ROLLY, and ULYSSES). The typhoon did not only devastate the houses and properties of the villagers but also wounded their hearts and souls. Right now, there were 66 families evacuated from their houses for the fear of losing their lives due to continuous erosion. Looking at the situation of our community as it gradually eroding and fearing someday that it will just be another story to tell as part of history. I decided to voice out with my tiny voice to re-echo the silent cry of our community. Our village seems to be nothing compared to the rest of the world but this place has its own story also to tell.

Knocking to your generous heart. We are hoping that our humble story will be noticed by many. Your donations will be much appreciated and rest assured it will be given directly to the beneficiaries.

For those who want to help my barangay. You may contact Joey Bides, a graduate from the Sisters of Mary School, and a member of the ASMSI Albay Chapter. He is the focal person whom I knew personally that can be trusted and a reliable person in helping individuals. He has been doing charitable works since then through Bayanihan.

You may send your donations to this address or donate cash to his saving account:

BPI Savings Account: 0833197479
Contact number(s): GLOBE – +639565073063/ SMART – +639198185937

Thank you very much in advance for sharing your blessings with our barangay. May God repay your kindness and generosity a thousandfold.

Kindly Copy and Share! A Blessed Day to all of you!

Note: Gilberto is a good friend of mine. We went to the same school founded by Venerable Monsignor Aloysius Schwartz.


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