My Name means “God is Gracious”


A reader from South Africa sent me a WhatsApp message today. She named their boy child “Jonel” and tomorrow will be his baptism.

In their country, the name “Jonel” is rare and she would like to know if the name had some special meanings she is not aware of. All she knows was that the name is one of many derivations from the Biblical name “John”.

My parents never told me how they came up with my name and I never asked. So, knowing the same thing she knew, I began searching online, and to my surprise, I discovered the meaning of my name. “Jonel” means “God is Gracious” which originated from the Hebrew language.


The info comes from sites that offer no detailed explanation. But there is a high probability that the information is correct because the common name of God in Hebrew is “El” (last letters of my name), “Elohim”, and “Eloah”. “Yahweh” is the proper name. (Catholic Encyclopaedia)

I will need to do further research and I will update this post in the future as needed.

Let us serve Christ and the Church in all circumstances!


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