Crafting my First San Damiano Crucifix


Planning to make a lovely crucifix from scratch? The easiest one to make is the San Damiano cross. I love its style and it highlights some important characters in the gospels. The best cross you can look at when reflecting on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

We just move to a farmhouse and I thought of making some crosses for the whole house. I already made the first batch (five of them) last month and I am planning to make some more in the future.

For those interested, I am sharing here the materials and tools I used for this project followed by some photos for your reference. Let me know if you need further advice.

  • 3/4 inch plywood of any type
  • Pencils, rulers, and measuring tape to mark the lines of the cross for cutting.
  • A jig saw or a small wood saw to cut the crosses out from the pluwood
  • Sandpaper to smoothen the edges and surfaces
  • Some paint, mahogany or similar color
  • Paint brush
  • Photo papers A4 size
  • Photo template from the internet, you may need to resize it
  • A color printer
  • Scissors for cutting the cross out from the photo paper
  • Some wood glue to paste the photo onto the wooden cross
  • A nail or a hook used to hang the cross on the wall

Let us serve Christ and the Church in all circumstances!


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