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You found this site for a reason!

I am thankful this blog became one of thousands of platforms that God used to convey the message of the Gospel into the virtual world. From January 2020 up to date, more than ten thousand souls have visited this site. It is my dream to reach as many souls as I can through this simple apostolate. But I need your help in many ways.

  1. Subscribe. With your email address, you can receive updates from the blog easily and share its contents to your friends. Click on the Follow button and subscribe with your email address.
  2. Pray. There is a spiritual battle against satan and his allies every day. Include me in your prayer intentions so I can continue to manage this project.
  3. Suggest. My blog is new. If you have anything in mind that you think would help or if you observed something not right, please send me an alert immediately.
  4. Car stickers. These are free stickers with the name and logo of my blog that you can stick on your car or your house doors and gates. In a way you are helping me make the public aware of this apostolate.
  5. Merchandises. Items I have for sale like this dogtag is one of the ways to cover the costs of maintaining this blog.
  6. Be a friend. I am planning to travel around the Philippines and other parts of the world to capture photos of places and events. Having a local contact can be a great help to minimize the costs of lodging, food, etc.
  7. Participate. I have some forms and surveys to gather insights from different individuals regarding their faith. Please respond to these surveys when you have spare time.
  8. Post for free. If you have good articles that you believe should be relayed to the Christian faithful in general, I can post them on your behalf.
  9. Pray some more. Sometimes due to stress at work and other reasons, my focus on Godly things gradually fades. Pray for me that I may be able to manage myself and my family’s well-being so I can keep that focus all the time. I shall also pray for your intentions.

Let us encourage one another and build each other up. (1 Thessalonians 5:11)


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