Reason Why We Kneel 10 times During the Celebration of the Lord’s Passion on Good Friday


My brother, who died few years ago, once “protested” about this in our small chapel in Mindanao. He was is his early teen years when this happened. My father (due to lack of priests) was the one leading the community service in memory of the passion of our Lord.

There are four parts of the Catholic Celebration of the Lord’s Passion on Good Friday: The Liturgy of the Word, the Solemn Intercessions, the Adoration of the Holy Cross, and the Holy Communion. It is the second part where we kneel 10 times (or more).

We have intercessory prayers for the entire Church for the specific needs of the local Church during all other Holy Masses. However, in Good Fridays when we commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus, the Church make the intercession prayers more special by asking the faithful to kneel as she solemnly unite her petitions with the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ on the cross. This is the reason why we kneel 10 times during the celebration of the Lord’s Passion in Good Fridays.


The 10 intentions of the Mother Church on Good Fridays are:

  1. For the Holy Church
  2. For the Pope
  3. For all orders and degrees of the faithful
  4. For catechumens
  5. For the unity of Christians
  6. For the Jewish people
  7. For those who do not believe in Christ
  8. For those who do not believe in God
  9. For those in public office
  10. For those in tribulation

In some cases, there could be more if the bishop issues a decree or allows other intentions to be added.

I wish I could tell my brother about this before he died, or before he even grumbled about it. He actually said in our dialect, “Ah, gibinuangan ra man ta aning papa, bai!” which translates to “I think my father is playing with us!”. He said this loudly that many attendees could hear him  and caused laughter inside the chapel.

Let us serve Christ and the Church in all circumstances!


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