A photo of the meditation garden at Villa Elma in Lucban

Villa Elma in Lucban


A used-to-be private property has opened its gates for public in the city of Lucban, Quezon. This beautiful site is located right at the slope of a mountain facing the peak of the mysterious Mount Banahaw and is just a 15 minutes ride from the town proper. Villa Elma is a family owned property with sculptures and statues like those in Kamay ni Hesus along the Lucban-Tayabas road. In fact, some of the figures in both locations look exactly the same.

The thing that I like most in Villa Elma is the serenity of the place. I could hear the birds of different kinds singing all day long. And since the whole place is filled with flowers and trees, a lot of butterflies and insects can be spotted. It’s really a perfect place to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation. Indeed a fitting place for prayer, meditation, and reflection.

Villa Elma has some rooms available at a reasonable rate and I can tell you, you will never be disappointed with the deal. The rooms are very spacious and some of them with terraces. I was told that two of the presidents of the Republic of the Philippines have stayed at the properly for retreat and for leisure.

They offer food orders at daytime and you can enjoy it served at your room or at their canteen. They offer local dishes like the Pancit Lucban and Longanisang Lucban which are the best sellers in the area.

The property has a natural non-tiled pool of spring water. It is so clean and fresh you can actually drink from it.

I had an enjoyable experience at the place and so I am confident you will also have the same. Learn more about the place via their website http://www.villaelma.com.ph/store/c1/Featured_Products.html.


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