Sad Truths Depicted in the ‘Midnight Mass’

When a Catholic stops being Catholic, that is, when he stops believing in the sacraments, he deliberately breaks his communion with the Church. The spiritual graces conferred by the sacraments also stop, and the virtues he developed slowly fade away. The person then begins to contradict Christianity and worse, even God.

In my opinion, this is what happened to the creator, director and producer of this horror miniseries called “Midnight Mass.” He was born and raised as a Catholic, an altar boy for many years, but then after “reading the Bible” and studying various religions, he became a fan of atheism and science.

The movie itself is entertaining but the messages it delivers are clear. In the Catholic Church, some priests could no longer distinguish what is good and what is bad, so Satan took this opportunity to infiltrate the Church. These priests worship him and even bring him into the community so that Satan can cause destruction to more and more souls. The priests are aware of the outrageous sin they are committing, but this is of no importance compared to what Satan can offer.

As for the parishioners, there are three groups that I could highlight: one group is so submissive to their parish priest without even knowing that they are already participating in the priest’s sin. Another group of parishioners is involved in covering up the scandal of their pastor. The other group are those who are aware of evil and immediately take appropriate actions to eradicate it, even if it costs them their lives.

The series concluded with the destruction of the entire community of God with only a few survivors. All because of the Satanist priest and his allies.

The blasphemous words “I am who I am” were spoken by a Catholic, who, after realizing all the evil that had happened, changed his mind about religion and embraced the idea that being part of the entire cosmos as many others, one can decide on his/her own and should not depend on the demands of any religion.

The Midnight Mass, in my opinion, attacks Catholicism in many ways, such as promoting Islam over Christianity, the belief that science and faith could never go hand in hand, that there is no life after death, and that Catholics are racists, especially against other religion.

We all know that the Catholic Church has the answers to all these questions, but who would listen to a Church who rightfully condemns the sins that the world glorifies?

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