Latin Mass, the Hope of Catholicism

I thought I’d share these interesting numbers that I found in a survey in 2018 in the United States. It compares how attendees of both the Old Mass (in Latin) and the New Mass behave or think according to the basic teachings of the Catholic Church. The difference is so troubling that in my opinion could lead to the downfall of Catholicism if nothing is done in the next few decades.

Survey QuestionsResponsesThe Latin MassThe New Mass
Mass Attendance176399%22%
Pro-Gay Marriage17592%67%
Income Donation17026%1.2%
Annual Confession175398%25%
Survey compiled by the Liturgy Guy

I used to attend the Extraordinary Form of Mass when I was working in Singapore. So I can relate why a large percentage of Catholics who attend the Novus Ordo Mass support anti-Catholic teachings, why many do not support the Church financially, and why mass attendance continues to decline.

So far, in the Philippines, I only know of one bishop in Bohol who freely allows the Latin Mass even after some restrictions imposed by Pope Francis in his recent motu proprio. In the diocese where I currently live, sadly, the Old Rite is being disallowed by the bishop as one priest once told me.

I hope that many priests, bishops, and concerned laity will see these numbers so that they can begin to think and hopefully come up with ways to make the Latin Mass available again to the faithful in the near future. God willing!

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