[Opinion] This is Disturbing and Should be Stopped Immediately

Christmas Tree on a Catholic Altar

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The Holy Mass has to do with the adoration of our Eucharistic Lord alone. This means that anything that is not related to this Sacred Worship must be eradicated.

I’m not sure with churches in other parts of the country, but in the ones I go, it has become a tradition (sadly disturbing) to setup a huge Christmas tree (featured photo) near the altar a few weeks before Christmas.

When you enter these churches, you will see at the entrance some usher/ettes who sell bells (made of foam) that come in various sizes and colors which translates to different prices. After purchase, you will bring these bells to your seat until after the Holy Communion and before the final blessing. You will then be asked to hang them on the tree while some Christmas carols are played. I personally don’t find this exciting, in fact it is very irritating.

I understand that due to the low number of mass attendance and the extremely low number of Filipinos who actually give a portion of their income to their parishes, many churches are in dire need of funds for their charity works and for monthly costs of their church buildings and other facilities. However, I do not think it is appropriate to use the Holy Mass for fundraising activities, especially when an object or another activity is added before, during and even after the Sacred Liturgy that may cause distraction to the faithful.

This tree is just one of the many distractions that I have seen in our Church nowadays. I am always in support for our churches to raise more funds, but I believe there is only one way to do it. And it has something to do with spiritual awareness and love of the sacraments. The more holy souls avail of the sacraments, the more funds the churches will obtain inside and outside the celebration of Holy Eucharist.

Also in my opinion, as I always mention in my posts, local bishops should consider promoting the Latin Mass again in their dioceses. In a recent report in the United States, those who attend the Old Rite are said to donate 6% of their income compared to 2% from those who attend the New Rite. If Latin Mass is restored, the Church’s financial problems could disappear in no time.

Let us pray and support the Church to whom God gave His blessing and authority to nurture our souls. There is nowhere else to go, so we should help, in any way we can, sort out what needs to be fixed. “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life” (Jn 6:68)

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