The First Miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe

In the 16th century, millions of faithful Catholics in Europe abandoned Catholicism and embraced a movement that was led by a former Catholic and heretic Martin Luther in 1517. In response to this, in the year 1531, God sent Our Lady to Mexico to help Spanish missionaries Christianize the region. This resulted in the conversion of millions of Indians.

This is just one of the countless miracles attributed to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe. This anecdote is taken from the book ‘The Wonder of Guadalupe: The Story of the Miraculous Image of the Blessed Virgin in Mexico’ by Francis Johnston, pages 28, 36, & 37.

After the electrifying moment of seeing the colorful, perfumed flowers and the God-drawn image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the tilma of Saint Juan Diego, the bishop untied the tilma at the back of Juan’s neck and reverently conveyed the transfigured garment to his private oratory where he could contemplate it to his heart’s content.

News of the prodigy spread like wild fire throughout the city and the following morning the sacred image was borne in triumphant procession to the cathedral, accompanied by joyous multitudes.

The below image you will see is the translation of the Image to the first chapel at the base of Tepeyac Hill, painted by Rev. Gonzalo Carrasco, S.J. During the transferal ceremonies, an Indian was killed by a stray arrow, but he was bought to life when he was laid before the Image and the people prayed for a miracle.

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