Mary, the Highest Testament to What God Can Create in Man

Mary, the Highest Testament to What God Can Create in Man

Mary is the highest testament to what the Spirit of God can create in man when it renews him in the intimacy of his soul and constitutes him as living rock in a new world. Preceded by the Grace of the Redeemer, she responded with faithful obedience to all of God’s requests, and every impulse of the Holy Spirit: as humble handmaiden, she bestowed herself virginally upon the Lord; as a caring sister, she was attentive to the needs of others; as a mother, she consecrated herself entirely to the person and the mission of her son the Redeemer, becoming a perfect disciple to him and associating herself generously with him in the one and only sacrifice that erases sin and reconciles us with our Father. The Holy Spirit illuminated for her the dark path of faith every step of the way, enlightened every word and every act of her son, supported her in the grief and pain of Calvary and the supreme sacrifice. Then, after the Cross, he configured her to him in glory. – Pope John Paul II, Angelus May 22, 1983

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