Reject Criminal Annihilation of Innocent!

Reject Criminal Annihilation of Innocent!

My brothers and friends, reject decisively, with your word and your example the deceptive propaganda in favor of abortion; reject the criminal annihilation of innocent, defenseless persons. Young people who are preparing for life, always respect motherhood! The defense of life extends for the full duration of life itself, from the moment of conception until its natural end. Thus education is also the defense of life, and the nuclear family must serve as a faithful transmitter of human values and Christian faith. Christian parents, take seriously your obligation to provide a humane and Christian education to your children. They are your continuance. Give them the best that you have: a clear conscience, a Christian life, the capacity to be useful and well-prepared members of society and of the country. Lift your gaze to the Holy Family of Nazareth! Look at the hidden way of life that the Son of God led with Mary and Joseph.– (Saint Pope John Paul II in Angola, June 5, 1992)

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