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Jonel Painagan Esto The Praying Lensman

Mr. Jonel P. Esto, DipTh

What profit has man from all the labor which he toils if he does not fear God and keep his commandments?

— Ecclesiastes 1:2-3; 12:7,13-14

About me

A husband of a beautiful wife and a father of three naughty kids, Jonel works five days a week and spends his rest days with his growing Christian family. He shares his experiences and thought about parenting, work life, Christianity, and many other topics under the sun.

As a staunch Christian, truth is in his veins and despises anything that is fake. He sees Christ in the Eucharist, in the Church, and in the poor.


My Practical Outlook on Life

About my Motto “Christi ubique incitantis”

A decree by Pope Paul VI encourages the laity to “ad servitium Christi et Ecclesiae ubique incitantis” or to serve Christ and the Church in all circumstances.Read more About my Motto “Christi ubique incitantis”