A Moving Letter to Pinoy Catholics by Steve Ray


In his website, Steve Ray, a baptist convert to Catholicism, allowed that his message be shared to all Filipino Catholics. He wrote this in 2001 when he visited the Philippines to share his journey home to the Catholic Church. He is a writer of many books including “Upon this Rock” and “The Papacy: What the Pope Does and Why It Matters”. He also is a frequent guest of many EWTN and Relevant Radio programs.

His personal observations for Catholic Filipinos: (1) our unity and closeness to each other even if we are not related in blood, (2) though many are poor we still trust God and care for our neighbor, and (3) our incomparable love for God, for Jesus, the Eucharist, and “Mama” Mary.

He prayed that we continue to love our families, the Catholic Church, read the Bible, love Jesus, his Mother and Eucharist. And, because many other religions and sects persuading us to leave the Church, he prayed that God give us the wisdom to defend the Catholic faith.

Full text of his message in this link

Please visit Steve’s website at www.catholicconvert.com and share his message to your own circle too.

Let us serve Christ and the Church in all circumstances!