Recommended Podcast Shows for Conservative Filipino Catholics

Podcasts for Conservative Filipino Catholics

As a busy daddy, I don’t have the luxury of having time to read books or lengthy articles. That is why I listen to audio recordings while doing my daily activities at work and at home. Here is a list of shows that I have in my podcast library and I thought I’d share them for those who might be interested. This is a developing list and may be updated in the future.

  1. The Patrick Coffin Show. My favorite and obviously the first on my list. A podcast that requires a good level of intelligence and knowledge of the Catholic faith. Although I do not consider myself an intellectual, I love listening to Patrick and his guests as they discuss the crisis of the Catholic faith we are currently experiencing nowadays.
  2. The Terry and Jesse Show. Jesse is an exceptional Catholic apologist. He has debated with many non-Christian Protestants and apologists, including Joe Ventilation of Iglesia Ni Cristo in 2012 which really inspired me to study more about my faith. Now, with his friend Terry Barber, they host a daily show that talks about the latest church and political news.
  3. The Vortex. In the year 2013, Pope Benedict XVI resigned and Francis was elected. I had never cared about Benedict XVI before and the new Pope for me was more ideal because of the way he speaks and deals with pilgrims and the media. In fact, I thought he was the reincarnation of Saint Francis. Then the “who-am-I-to-judge?” changed my views about him. And guess what woke me up from my sleep, it was an episode from “The Vortex” presented by Michael Voris, a well-known conservative who leads the Church Militant. Now in its fourteenth year, the Vortex continues to trap and expose lies and falsehoods in the Church.
  4. Life is Worth Living: A Fulton J. Sheen Catholic Podcast. An extract of audio recordings of the famous video series presented by Venerable Sheen himself. There are few episodes, but they are worth listening to repeatedly.
  5. The Jay Aruga Show. The only Filipino podcaster I included on this list, now one of my top five favorite podcast shows. I found out about Jay on a Facebook group “Unboxing Catholicism” in October 2021. He had a two hour conversation with another Catholic apologist and was amazed at how they intelligently addressed some claims against the beliefs and morals of the Church while keeping their cool. Definitely not the “usual” way we see in social media. Since then, I have listened to many of his episodes including his interview with Dr. Ralph Martin, Trent Horn, and many other big names in and outside the Philippines.
  6. Dr. Taylor Marshall Podcast. If you love Patrick Coffin, Michael Voris, Pope Benedict XVI, Venerable Sheen, Jesse Romero, Cardinal Burke, etc., then you must have heard of Dr. Marshall. Like the names I mentioned, many don’t like them, but few Catholics love them. That is because they challenge the views of the modern world that gradually accepts those sins that are currently condemned by the Church.
  7. Rules for Retrogrades. This is a new one on the list. Dr. Timothy Gordon is a well known Catholic philosopher, author and teacher.
  8. Catholic Answers Live. CA Live has been part of my spiritual journey. The hosts of the program address all kinds of questions about the Catholic faith.
  9. All Things Catholic! Edward Sri is one of the Catholic experts I admire. He shares his experience of his trips, pilgrimage, and talks in many parts of the world. He also answers questions from his audiences related to faith.
  10. The Counsel of Trent. Who doesn’t love Trent Horn? I started listening to him since 2018. He is one of the best apologists who currently works for Catholic Answers. He constantly posts content in his famous podcast “The Counsel of Trent” where he shares all kinds of content related and not related to the Catholic faith that would intrigue many audiences.
  11. Cara a Cara. For Spanish Speaking Pinoys, I would recommend this show hosted by Alejandro Bermudez who is the current head of ACI Prensa. He interviews many Catholics face to face (cara a cara) who are experts in vast aspects of our faith. He even interviewed our very own Archbishop Jose Palma of Cebu in Spanish when the two met for the 2021 International Eucharistic Congress in Hungary.
  12. A Rosary Companion. Sometimes when I couldn’t be in front of an altar, I usually play an audio rosary instead of playing a rosary video on YouTube which can play some annoying ads. A Rosary Companion is a best option when meditating on the mysteries of the life of Jesus and Mary.

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