Diploma in Theology via Distance Learning


Theology courses can now be availed via distance learning. Yes! It is possible to study Theology without quitting your job. You can opt to have short certificates, diplomas, undergraduate degrees, master degrees, and doctorate degrees. Many universities and religious schools offer distance learning to people interested in learning more about the Christian faith.

This one school in India run by the Society of Jesus is my top recommendation for those who are starting to do formal theology education. I chose this one because everything can be done online and the two exams can be arranged at a location near you. Here is everything you need to know about it:

Course: Diploma in Theology (DipTh) via Distance Learning

Course Outline: There are two phases. One phase per year (normally) and each phase is composed of 30 credits – a total of 60 credits. Each module is equal to one credit (for elective courses) or two credits (main courses) so there are at least 15 modules per phase. Important topics such as Introduction to Scriptures and Theology of the Triune God are covered in the curriculum.

Dedicated Time required: 10 – 20 hours per week for up to two years

Location: Vidyajyoti College of Theology’s Institute of Religious Studies, 4-A, Raj Niwas Marg, Delhi – 110054. Website: http://www.vjdepth.in/courses

Qualification: At least Secondary / High School graduate with above average level in English, computer and internet savvy.

Mode of Study: The school director will send and email with modules and response sheets. You are given at least a month to complete two modules. Each module has six questions that you need to respond before you can proceed with the next set of modules. There is no interaction with other learners.

Language: English only

Exams: One written exam per phase so there is a total of two exams. There are exam centers in India and Kuala Lumpur. For those who are not in these regions, exams can be arranged with a parish priest or a Jesuit priest near you.

Tuition: 250 US Dollars all-in, bank transfer to an India bank

Application: Submit a letter of intent to director@vjdepth.in. Should you be qualified, you will then be required to pass some documents and the instructions for the tuition payment. The course will start immediately after your payment is received.

Studying with Vidyajyoti has really improved my knowledge in God, in Jesus Christ, His Church and her teachings. I am on my last modules of the second phase and hopefully I can finish my studies in few months. My next step is getting a Bachelor Degree in Theology and I am looking at either doing it traditionally at a normal school or doing it online again but with DOMUNI Universitas which is run by the Dominicans.

I hope this blog post has helped you with your decision. Do help me share this info to others.

Let us serve Christ and the Church in all circumstances!