Isang maganda pero hindi mataong beach sa Mauban, Quezon Province ang puedeng puntahan pag medyo pigil sa budget. No entrance fee.

This is a 2014 Facebook post from Dr. Fernando Casanova, a well-known theologian, and an ex- pastor of a Pentecostal church in Puerto Rico.

In our own ways we can be prophets and by helping and at the same time proclaim the Gospel to others. By imitating Christ, we can be Christ for others especially the voiceless.

Gilberto is a good friend of mine. We went to the same school founded by Venerable Monsignor Aloysius Schwartz. His baranggay is in dire need of help.

The three types or levels of faith are infantile faith, critical faith, and adult faith.

Photos of my friend’s wedding last June 2020 at a beautiful old church in Morong Rizal.

As an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), I am one of the numerous individuals affected by the current global crisis. Here is my travel story from Singapore to Manila amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The best and the brightest of the Protestants are becoming Catholics. Many Born Again Protestants fail to realize many things and they remain outside and against the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church is the only Church that God built in fulfillment to Jesus’s promise “I will build my Church”. Here are some reasons why!

Do we need to be a part of a church? Which church? Did Jesus really build a Church of his own? How many? Can someone just start a church of his own?